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Lattanzi Law Firm is a professional association made up of lawyers and secretarial staff which cooperates on a regular basis with qualified Chartered Accountants, Architects and Surveyors. We provide a full spectrum of services in legal cases going before civil Courts.

The Firm has achieved a specific competence in property law, which constitutes one of its primary branches of activity along with contractual right and right of the obligations, debt collection, insolvency and bankruptcy procedures.
We give assistance during the phase of contention but also to all questions requiring out - of - court consultancy and legal opinion, our aim being to manage cases correctly and appropriately both in terms of the assessment of actual judicial situations and as regards possible solutions in order to avoid reaching the courts.

Our Firm also attends to any matters relative to domiciling on behalf of other law Firms and guarantees immediate communication of all phases of procedures.


Qualification: Lawyer
Address: Viale Giacomo Puccini n°75 55100 Lucca
Fiscal Code: LTT NRC 66H17 L833A
V.A.T. n°: 01580800462

Enrico Lattanzi was born in Viareggio (LU) on 17/06/1966 and graduated in Law from the University of Pisa in 1994.
He has been practising since the 30th of September 1995 and he has been registered in the “List of Solicitors” of the Lawyers’ Board of Lucca since 1998.
In the year 2002 he was admitted to the Arbitrators' Roster of the Arbitration Chamber of Lucca.
He is currently insured with Reale Mutua Assicurazioni against any professional risk to the extent of € 500.000,00.

Languages: Italian, English.


Lattanzi Law Firm charges fees on the value according to the mandatory Italian rules and regulation on Lawyers' fees (D.M. 5th October, 94; n°585 and D.M. 8th April, 04, n°127).
It is a form of compensation based on the value of the case concerned and on each activity performed by the Office.
The Client is also charged with all reimbursable costs and expenses plus 12,50% overhead and 2% Italian Lawyers social contribution on the total amount of the fees.
Phisical persons and enterprises are subject to Italian V.A.T. (value added tax): our V.A.T. reference number ("numero di Partita I.V.A.") is 01580800462.
Remember that a contingency fee (agreed percentage on the total amount recovered on behalf of the Client) is forbidden in Italy.
Feel free to contact our Office for more details: general requests of information concerning preliminary examination of the matter as well as fee agreement will not be charged.

Enrico Lattanzi
Viale Puccini, 75 - 55100, Lucca (Italy)