Please note: due to privacy reasons and according to the Italian Code of Ethics approved the 26th of October 2002 by the Italian Lawyer Bar Association, clients’ names have been omitted.

“Having contacted Mr Lattanzi regarding the purchase of a home in Italy, he gave me excellent advice which allowed me to search without worry. I found a house, made an offer which was accepted. I was faced with two problems which became apparent when finalising the contract at the notary office. Namely, the language barrier and land being sold with the appartment was not legally owned by the seller.
Mr Lattanzi arrived in person and his advice and action resolved both problems. Without his input, I am sure the process would have been far longer and stressful. It was obvious to me that Mr Lattanzi completely understands the Italian legal/taxing system where Italian property is concerned and I would certainly recommend him to others”.

“I have been delighted with the friendly and professional service Enrico has offered me and highly recommend his care and expertise to all”.

“Working with Sig. Lattanzi made buying our home in Italy a truly pleasurable experience. He not only helped us through the bureaucracy of the system, he helped make it an enjoyable experience! His knowledge and professional assistance was invaluable. His good nature and relaxed attitude made what could have been a difficult process a
painless one! He is highly recommended”.

“I am certain that anyone who has used the services of Enrico Lattanzi can have nothing but high regard for his work. Throughout my dealings with him, I found him to be patient, easy to talk to, always friendly, courteous and helpful. He made me feel like a friend rather than a client and provided much more assistance than just a house-purchase. Lawyers with qualities like these are extremely uncommon”.

“Mr. Lattanzi is a fine lawyer that has helped us in the past in a very professional manner. However, we must admit, the only reason we tolerate 'HIM' is because of his charming wife and beautiful daughter”.

"We have used the services of Enrico Lattanzi for the past two years during which time he has been able to help us with the purchase of our house in Italy and has provided us with assistance in obtaining our residency papers. We have always found him to be extremely efficient, prompt and professional in the way he has handled the advice we have needed from him and we will certainly continue to use his services in the future."

“I first contacted Enrico (recommended by friends of my sister's) after running into some difficulties buying a flat in North West Tuscany for a holiday home. I speak some Italian (though not nearly as well as Enrico, who has lived and studied in London, speaks English) and knew the basics of what buying a property in Italy involved, but having made an offer I was getting no phone or email response from the Geometro I had hired. As soon as Enrico was involved responses from the Geometro became considerably more forthcoming and I was able to make the final purchase on the target date (which was a very pleasant surprise).
Enrico quickly overcame each seemingly insurmountable difficulty as it came up (for example my flat belonged to five different parties, three of whom lived in Belgium) as well as achieving things I never thought possible after 6 years living in Milan, such as opening an Italian bank account without me actually being there in person. He responded very quickly to email or phone queries (much quicker than my UK Solicitor) and on the purchase date - my place is over an hour's drive from Lucca and quite remote - he arrived early.
On a non-professional level, Enrico could not be more 'simpatico' and he introduced me to some of the more mouth-watering aspects of the local cuisine!
I thoroughly recommend Enrico's services to any foreigner buying a property in Italy”.

“From The ... Family in Dublin: Complete Trust in the service Provided by Lattanzi Legal Studio in Lucca. It made the Purchase of our new Home in Italy a Resounding Success beyond our expectations!”

Enrico Lattanzi
Viale Puccini, 75 - 55100, Lucca (Italy)